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January 31, 2015

25 Minute Cardio Interval Training Playlist

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When it comes to working out, especially cardio, it’s essential to have a great playlist with upbeat music that I can base my speed around. It helps me dive into the workout and have fun doing it–almost like a dance party (Soulcycle, anyone?). Here are 27 minutes of tunes to work you through a nice cardio session. You’ll find faster and slower paced songs which is your cue to sprint then slow it down–interval training is a great way to tap into your carbohydrate stores and preserve muscle, as compared to long-distance training. Research has shown that interval training is actually a better method for weight loss than a static 40 minute run. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a beach, sidewalk or at the gym, let this music help you work through any negative thoughts that might arise and #getafterit!

Here Is An Interval Training Playlist for Running Outdoors:

Shorts | With Love From Paradise

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