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March 28, 2015

Visit Los Angeles: Moon Juice

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Moon Juice is one of the most renowned health and wellness shops in all of Los Angeles. Created by chef and world lifestyle leader, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice was built as a “comprehensive resource for medicinal, cold-pressed, organic juices, Moon Milks, raw and sprouted Cosmic Provisions, Moon Dust, the Moon Pantry and an apothecary full of miraculous lifestyle tools.” Each product is filled with a healing force of raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, petals, roots, nuts and seaweeds. Each recipe is inspired through Bacon’s world travels, farmers’ markets and culinary trainings.

In the Moon Pantry you will find everything from local bee pollen and maca powder to vanilla mushroom protein and schisandra berry. One of the most popular products at Moon Juice are the tonics; Each made from organic or wild grade ingredients, varieties including: Beauty, Body, Brain, Sex, Spirit and more.

Visit Moon Juice in Venice, Silverlake, West Hollywood and the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. You can shop online here.


Golden Milk
Probiotic Mango Lassi
Goodness Greens
California Sun
Chaga Donuts!

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