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April 24, 2015

3 Ways To Jump-Start Your Metabolism In The Morning

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You would be surprised at how much your morning routine affects your metabolism, your body’s ability to burn calories throughout the day. We’ve all had those nights where we over-eat and utter those words, “OMG I am never eating again.” (Guilty!) But the truth is, when you skip breakfast and don’t load up your body with nutrients when you wake, all you’re doing is hurting yourself. The body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism naturally slows down to adapt; and it takes awhile to rev back up after your next meal. Bottom line: Your mom was right, never skip breakfast… Skip the 2 AM tacos.

Whether you’re an early riser or last-possible-minutes-to-sleep kind of person, there are three fundamental tricks you can add to your morning routine to speed up your metabolism:

  1. HYDRATE: Think about how dehydrated your body must be after 7-8+ hours of no liquid. It’s incredibly important to drink at least two glasses of room-temperature water upon waking up. Room-temperature is important because it won’t shock your system. It’s always a good idea to incorporate a nice glass of warm water & lemon too.
  2. NOURISH: Even having the smallest breakfast that has high nutritional value is better than nothing. Your body needs something to keep your blood sugar balanced and your metabolism functioning properly. Make yourself some chia pudding the night before, whip up an easy smoothie or simply have a power bar. (We love Perfect Bars: half before our workout and half after! Not sponsored, just delicious.) Some of us at All Good Health go a really simple route: mix almond milk with protein powder, BAM! Recharged.
  3. SWEAT: It’s true that not everyone is a morning person, which is perfectly fine. But a little sweat session in the morning can really help boost your metabolism, even something simple like this 3-minute yoga flow. If you are headed to the gym, consider interval training instead of static cardio. Variations in heart rate from the intervals actually help you burn more calories.

Do your best to get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep. You will wake up more energized and ready to take on the next twelve hours of the day. Werk!

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