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April 12, 2015

9 Kitchen Hacks That Will Upgrade Your Life

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What’s more annoying–when the pesky egg shell gets in the bowl and getting it out is worse then reeling in a fish, or waking up excited to enjoy some avocado toast only to see your avocado is suddenly brown? We don’t know, but we won’t tolerate either in the kitchen any longer. We are positive that at least eight of these nuisances have happened to you in the kitchen before, so prepare to literally upgrade your life:

1. Slice citrus without the mess:
There’s nothing worse than losing half of your orange to your counter top. Behold, this trick: Using a knife, cut off a very thin slice from two opposite ends. You should only be puncturing the skin, not the citrus. Next, cut a perpendicular line through the side–don’t let the knife go all the way through, just to the middle of the citrus where the segments meet. Pull both ends away from each other and stretch into a long strip. Tada!

2. Remove egg shells without the hassle:
This is one of my biggest nuisances to date (in the kitchen). Behold, the easiest trick that you’re not going to believe you weren’t aware of before: wet your fingers with water, then fetch for the egg shell. It will grab it quickly and stress-free. You’re welcome.

3. De-crystallize honey jars:
Place the jar in a container with REALLY hot water for 5-10 minutes. That’s all! Your honey will be drizzle-worthy in minutes.

4. Make impromptu ice packs for packed lunch:
Never did I ever think that sponges would be useful for anything but cleaning but, they are GREAT ice packs! Moisten a sponge, place it in a ziploc bag then in the freezer. Voila! We recommend using a new sponge, even if the contents are being separated by the ziploc bag, a used sponge kind of grosses us out.

5. Measure sticky substances without the stick:
When a recipe calls for honey, molasses, maple syrup, etc., it’s hard to measure without losing tons of it to the sides of the measuring cup. Here’s a tip: spray your measuring cup with cooking spray before you pour the sticky ingredient in. It will slide right out!

6. Rid your house of odors, without a candle:
Garlic for dinner? Not so appetizing for breakfast, is it? Shut your lights off, then dab a tissue in real vanilla extract, rub it on the light bulb then turn your lights back on. YUM! (source)

7. Ripen bananas easily:
Just place them on a baking rack in the oven at 275 degrees for about 5 minutes, and check periodically. They’ll start to ripen in minutes, perfect for baking!

8. Keep an avocado fresher, longer:
It’s hard to eat an entire avocado in one sitting. I’ll put a quarter in my smoothie, some on toast, in salads–sometimes it takes 2-4 meals to finish just one! To keep the leftover fresher for longer, simply drizzle lemon or lime juice on the exposed skin. The acid will preserve the avocado for a few days longer than usual.

9. Melt butter in minutes, without a microwave:
Do you ever forget to let your butter soften when you know you need it for a dinner party or recipe? I do. And I don’t own a microwave. But this hack surely does the trick–simply run a cup under hot water for 3-5 minutes until it’s warm, then put the butter on a plate and cover it with the warm cup. It will soften in double the time.

Do you want to read more life hacks? Dish in the comments below!

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