Sam Negrin

April 5, 2015

Are You Over-Indulging In Social Media?

by Sam Negrin / From The Heart / MINDFULNESS / 0 Comments

How many times have you had your friends wait to dig into their yummy-looking food so that you can Instagram it first? Or maybe the perfect backdrop for a yoga shot comes up and you bend your body into a position you’re definitely not warm for. Do you have your Snapchat easily accessible in case the perfect moment comes to add something to your story? *Raises hand*

I am guilty of this, my friends, my family are guilty of all of this. Sometimes you can look around a restaurant and realize that every person at a table is on their phones with absolutely no conversation going. Is this something that we just accept, as it’s becoming the norm nowadays? Or do we take a step back and create boundaries–which in turn can expose real human-to-human communication?

Before I give my answer to that question, it’s important to note that there are incredible, amazing aspects to social media. Artists, musicians and writers are being found and signed. Influencers are given the opportunity to reach millions of people across the globe, and make a difference. People are learning more about world issues with trending, dedicated posts for natural disaster, tragedies, and the like (where most people are kept in the dark due to not watching the news). Like-minded individuals are connecting and forming life-long friendships through engagement and encouragement. And as it directly relates to this website, people are inspired to get in their kitchen and cook, get on their yoga mat and move, and communicate positively within the wellness community.

The problem is over-indulgence. (Isn’t that almost always the problem?) If you notice that you need to take a picture of every sunset, every meal, every yoga pose–there might be an issue. We should be able to enjoy these things without snapping a photo every time, shouldn’t we? If we’re out to dinner with people, we should be able to put our phones away and not have #FOMO of what we missed on our Instagram feed. We shouldn’t wake up and immediately open eyes to our mobile screen of e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you are someone who has your phone clenched in your hand at every second and never lets an ice cream cone pass by without a photo, you are probably over-indulging in social media.

Let’s bring back the age of simple enjoyment, real relationships and create balance within our online lives and our real lives.

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