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May 23, 2015

Banana Pancakes That Are Only 3 Ingredients

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When I first heard of this 3-ingredient banana pancake recipe, it was hard to believe. But I took a nod from Michiala Ash and whipped them up–the verdict? AMAZING. They are simply made with banana, egg and a dash of cinnamon, then can be dressed up with anything you like. The consistency is fluffy, just like a pancake. I challenge all skeptics to try this and tell otherwise (I grew up on pancake mix, eggs & milk, too). This is a great breakfast to whip up during the week, because it’s so minimal, or on the weekend for no-fuss breakfast in bed. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser for kids or your significant other. Scroll down to see how it’s done.

1 banana, mashed
1 egg
Dash of cinnamon
Coconut oil
+ Toppings (we used pecans & chocolate covered chia seeds)

*You can add almost anything into the batter – coconut flakes, chocolate chips, blueberries, the list goes on. Remember if you add a lot of extra ingredients you might need to adjust the banana:egg ratio for a good pancake consistency.

1. Heat nonstick skillet with coconut oil over medium high
2. Mix banana, egg, cinnamon & anything else you want to include in the batter
3. Let cook for about 2 minutes, until little bubbles start forming at the top (as pictured), flip and cook for another 2 minutes
4. Top & serve!

What’s your favorite pancake recipe? 

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