Sometimes we only have 20-30 minutes to get a good sweat going, and that may not be in the comfort of a gym. There are so many anytime-anywhere exercises out there that you can achieve 1) a great sweat, and 2) results, that don’t require any weights or tools. All you need to do is find a little space to stretch, and maybe a ledge – as pictured. Start by warming up with a light sprint just to get your heart rate pumping. Let’s get started:

1) LEG LIFTS: Do 3 sets of 10. Use your arms to support your lower back from any discomfort, and try your best at keeping the feet over your hips as you lift. Lift your hips on the exhale, and lift your entire torso on an inhale.

2) PUSH UPS: Do 3 sets of 8. Inhale lower, and exhale lift. Keep your tailbone drawing down so that you don’t arch your lower back–keep your core strong.

3) TRICEP DIPS: Do 3 sets of 8. Keep your belly tucking in, and your elbows pulling towards each other – not out to the sides.

4) MODIFIED BURPEE: Do 3 sets of 8. Inhale your arms over head, exhale to plant your palms down and jump back to plank and lower to a push up. Inhale to rise, exhale to jump forward to your hands, and inhale to rise back to standing.

5) JUMP SQUATS: Do 3 sets of 5. If you don’t have a ledge that’s right for your height, you can do them without and jump in place. Keep your feet a little wider than hip-width apart and your knees moving out to the sides. Your core should be fully engaged here to protect your lower back.

What are your favorite anytime/anywhere workouts?! Share in the comments!

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