Nod your head if you have containers on containers of old skincare products that you believe worked at one point, but stopped, and you can’t get the guts to throw away. *Nods head*

I have been in a constant battle with my skin for years. Therefore, I have almost every skincare product under the sun–in my cabinet, under my cabinet, in my storage areas–that worked for a few weeks, maybe months, and then nothing. Most, if not all, of these are packed with harsh chemicals that I was told would dry out my blemishes and matte my oily t-zone. The truth is, none of them consistently work. I’ve also come to the conclusion that if I care so much about what I put in my body, I better start caring about what I put on my body. No more harsh chemicals. That’s when I found Osea Malibu.

Osea is a family business based out of [you guessed it] Malibu, California. Osea uses vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable and all organic ingredients that can be found in nature–it stands for Ocean Sun Earth Atmosphere. They use everything from algae extract and dead sea salt to jojoba oil and red wine extract. They use a great amount of marine algae (AKA seaweed) in their products that they harvest directly from the most mineral-rich and nutrient-dense waters in the world, Patagonia.

After my first try of the Atmosphere Protection Cream and Essential Corrective Complex I was hooked. Literally–this is it. My skin is clear, bright, soft, healthy and chemical-free. This is one of those brands that you can’t believe you never knew about before. The best part? It’s actually affordable. They’re using the most natural and high-quality ingredients, in the most beautiful glass bottles, without charging a ridiculous amount of money. With that being said, I now have the entire line of products for blemish control… And since my skin has cleared up so well from these, I also use their products for skin brightening. (P.S… Never did I ever see the day where I wouldn’t have to choose the acne-prone line of skincare. It’s a great feeling.)

In conclusion, I have officially tossed the containers of the old products I’ve had lying around for ages. I’ve been using OSEA for a little over 7 months and have zero complaints. Note: This post was not sponsored in any way, shape or form. These opinions are my own, and I think everyone needs to know about this incredible brand.

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