Bakasana, or Crow, is a great arm balance for beginners. It helps you find deep core strength to lift yourself up for all of the inversions to come, while simultaneously gaining strength in the wrists and arms. Bakasana carries a beautiful feeling of determination and courage, especially as one of the first arm balances to learn. If you have a fear of falling forward right on your chin, just remember to trust yourself and follow the instructions, you might just surprise yourself! Remember–Practice And All Is Coming!

Click through the gallery above to see the steps and read instructions below:

  1. Warm up by moving through 4-5 sun salutations and core work, then come down into a squat with your knees wider than your hips. Try reaching your heels to the mat, but if that’s not possible, put a blanket under your heels. Keep stretching your knees out with your upper arm–this should be a great stretch for your groin.
  2. On your exhale, lift your heels as you start to shift your weight into your hands. Tuck your inner knees as close as you can to the outer arms, right near your armpits. Keep your neck in a neutral position so that you aren’t tucking or arching, but continue gazing forward–this will help you float off the mat. When you start your arm balance or inversion practice, keep in mind that where your gaze goes your mind will follow–always look a few inches forward.
  3. Begin by experimenting lifting one leg at a time, so that you can start to feel the shift in energy and weight into your palms. Ground through all 10 fingers, keep your lower belly tucking in and your triceps hugging your knees.
  4. Once you feel comfortable lifting both legs, focus on keeping your arms straight. Make sure you’re not taking a short cut to balance with bent arms and your knees on the outer edge of your arms! It’s a lot harder to break bad habits rather than doing it correctly the first time.
  5. Stay for 10-20 deep breaths, in and out through your nose. Enjoy and come down lightly!

Yoga Mat + Block | Manduka
Leggings | Lululemon
Bra | Onzie
Photography | Michael James Studio

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