Michael Pollan, an award-winning food writer and author of notable books such as An Omnivore’s Dilemma and Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, created this short YouTube illustration with RSA on his findings behind what constitutes a healthy diet. “What mattered most about ones health was not necessarily the nutrients, good or bad that you were consuming or staying away from, or even the calorie counts. What predicted a diet more than anything else is the fact that it was being cooked by a human being and not a corporation,” says Pollan.

Pollan explains that when we continuously eat foods that corporations make for us, we end up eating special occasion foods, every single day. Think about how time consuming baking cupcakes and cookies to making french fries, potato chips and pizza is for the everyday person. If these were things that we only consumed when we made them ourselves, no matter the nutrient content, we would only eat them every few months. However, they are so readily available and inexpensive (plus delicious!), that we can eat them everyday if not twice/day. If you only had french fries every two months, they would have virtually no effect on your overall health: if you have them 5x/week with your sandwich, problems arise.

[customfont2]Special occasion foods become everyday foods when we let industry cook for us. You can eat anything you want, just cook it yourself.[/customfont2]

The Solution? COOK

  • Remember that life is about balance, and it’s not about cutting everything we love (which might not be the best nutritionally) out of our diets forever – but eating in moderation.
  • Don’t let corporations decide your diets. Bring your food to work, school, carry snacks in your bag and stay educated on the restaurants you go to. (Where do they source their ingredients? Is the portion enough for one meal or three?)
  • Cook your own food. Understand how to work with ingredients and make yourself a meal you can be proud of.

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Voice: Michael Pollan
A Damn Fine Media Production 
Illustrations: Kerry Hyndma

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