This is a great transition to work on once you find stability in headstand and core strength in crow pose. It requires tremendous focus as well as deep core strength and trust in yourself. A lot of people have a fear of falling flat on their face when coming up or down from headstand and crow. Three of the most important actions to remember are: steady focal point, lower belly drawing in, and grounding into the fingertips. If you keep a handle on all three of these, you’re setting yourself up for success (and deeper transitions!).

Here’s how you can practice the transition from crow to headstand:

  1. Starting from crow pose (read: How To Finally Land Bakasana), begin bending your elbows into the chaturanga position (elbows drawing back, not out!)
  2. Tuck your head and bring the tip of your head to the mat, forming a triangle between your two hands and head (AKA tripod headstand)
  3. Using that deep belly strength, exhale knees close to the chest and straight over the hips
  4. Stay in headstand for a few breaths (the above .gif is very sped up)
  5. To lower down, exhale as you lower your legs with your feet together and knees begin to separate
  6. Inhale with knees resting on the triceps (as high to the armpits as possible) and on an exhale, you’ll ground into the fingertips and use belly strength to lift your head and straighten your arms
  7. As your head lifts, be sure to gaze forward of the mat

+ Try this out at home and let us know how it goes in the comments below or on Instagram @allgoodhealth #allgoodhealth!

Yoga Mat + Block | Manduka
Leggings | Lululemon
Bra | Onzie
Photography | Michael James Studio

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