All too often I hear the excuse “I’m not flexible enough!” when the topic of yoga comes up in conversation. Not being flexible, both physically and mentally, is the EXACT reason why you should be practicing yoga. Sure, some people are naturally flexible and getting into baddha konasana is a breeze. But for most, it’s dedication and daily practice that completely shifts the mind and body. I’m sharing 10 reasons, first-hand, why I’m not flexible is NOT an excuse to not try yoga. Yoga is for everyone.


Yoga means to yoke/to unite, the mind and body. 

  1. There are class levels for every single body: From beginners who don’t know their calves from their shins, pregnant women, those with injuries, and gymnasts who are looking to quiet their mind… there is space for every single person in the yoga room.
  2. You can use props. There are numerous props floating around the yoga room to help make postures more accessible to each individual. Blocks, bolsters, chairs and straps.
  3. It’s not all about the poses. The purpose is to connect with your body in a kind, loving way. To understand your Self. Can’t touch your toes? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are being compassionate.
  4. Yoga happens off the mat, mostly. The kindness and compassion we find within ourselves translates off the mat; into our relationships, work and nutritional choices.
  5. The yoga community is amazing. If you move to a new city or are looking for an uplifting crowd to hang with, finding them in a yoga studio is something I would bet on.  They are welcoming and and smile often (plus they know the best places to eat).
  6. It’s a great excuse to be alone with yourself for 75 minutes. Seriously, how busy are we these days? With social media, networking, blah blah blah… it can sometimes feel like we don’t have alone time until we hit our head on the pillow; that does not suffice. A yoga class is an hour where all you focus on is your Self, getting to know you and connecting your breath to your body. No phones, no distractions.
  7. You will start to find comfort in uncomfortable situations. Staying in prasarita padottanasana for 2 minutes might seem like torture at first. Burning hamstrings, blood rushing to your head… but after a few breaths, you realize you are ok. That feeling, subconsciously, translates to events off the yoga mat. Problems at work or at home will eventually become easier to deal with.
  8. No matter your body type, yoga increases strength and flexibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from a gymnastics background or video game, couch potato background… dedicating your days to get to a yoga class will open up your body in places you could never imagine, and find the strength to get into postures you couldn’t dream of before.
  9. Yoga encourages you to try new things. If you are a newcomer to yoga and really like it, it subconsciously encourages you to try more things in life. Green juice? Chia pudding? The courage to eat alone at your favorite lunch spot? You will start to want to expand your horizon on all things that can potentially make you HAPPY.
  10. You will learn to LOVE YOURSELF. All in all, you will find a connection to your Self that you didn’t know before. You will cultivate a high-quality life that you believe in and make the best choices to make it happen.

What  do you think? Will you be trying a new yoga class this week?

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