Grocery shopping for fresh ingredients to get creative with is a great way to understand food and stay healthy throughout the week. (See: How To Grocery Shop Like A Pro) But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, working all day and coming home – especially in the midst of 5:30pm winter sunsets – it’s that sometimes shopping & haphazardly cooking is not available. It’s when frozen, packaged dinners with loads of sodium and additives lurk out.

With that being said, there are an incredible number of resources to help our busy lives. One option you might have heard about is Meal Delivery: meals delivered to your door with the exact measurement of each ingredient you need and a step-by-step recipe card to make it yourself, from scratch–completely fool-proof. Not only is this amazing for busy lives, but it’s a great way for chefs-in-training to learn how to cook and understand ingredients/flavor profiles that work well together.

There are a number of companies offering this right now (I’ve tried a bunch) but I had the pleasure of working with Sun Basket last month and I have never been more impressed. When food is traveling and potentially waiting outside your door for a few hours, there’s a tendency for the ingredients to “wilt”. With Sun Basket, I literally felt like the produce was just picked from the farm. The vegetables were crisp, the ingredients were measured out in sealed containers (even down to two eggs) and the salmon was perfect. This might be because they have high standards… Sun Basket Meal Delivery was founded by Executive Chef Justine Kelly, formally the head chef at James Beard award-winning SF restaurant The Slanted Door. They source organic, GMO-free produce from West Coast farms and sustainably-sourced, hormone-free meat and seafood.

[headline]”Healthy cooking made easy” – Sun Basket[/headline]

They offer Paleo-Friendly, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian meal plan options (plus breakfast!). Each 30-minute recipe has easy clean up, zero waste (hence the exact measurements) and is approved by their in-house nutritionist. How amazing is that? This is a company that doesn’t only care about sending out food… they care about sending out GOOD, HEALTHY, FRESH food. Which is why they are currently only shipping to CA, OR, WA, CO, UT, AZ, NV and ID–where they have perfected their sustainable packaging for meals to arrive like they just came from the source.

I ordered the (1) Sushi Rice Bowl with Teriyaki Tofu, (2) Sweet Potato-Scallion Fritters with Apple & Brussels Slaw and (3) Salmon w/ Tomato-Ginger Chutney & Cardamon Rice.

Tofu Teriyaki Bowl_1Sweet Potato Fritters_2Sweet Potato Fritters_!Tofu Teriyaki Bowl_3Tofu Teriyaki Bowl_2

It was NOT hard for these meals to look like the photos with how easy everything was to whip up. I highly recommend trying this service if you live in one of the states they ship to! You can choose 3 recipes per week for 2, 4 or 6 people within any dietary restriction.

Get $30 OFF your first order by heading to right now! Happy, healthy cooking!

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