These exercises definitely aren’t grounds to miss your workout for the day, but they can surely help loosen up your body from working at a desk for 8+ hours. If you’re an active person, your body probably craves movement. If you’re reading this right now, you’re most likely looking down at your phone or sitting at a desk… both actions generally involve slouching and/or “hip swaying”. These 5 movements are modified yoga poses and strengthening exercises to help active and elongate your muscles. Watch the LEAFtv video below for the full how-to, and scroll down for deeets:


  1. Pigeon Pose: Cross your right ankle over your left knee as you apply pressure to the inside of your right knee to stretch. Optional to lengthen the left leg straight. Repeat on both sides!
  2. Shoulder Stretch: In yoga, this arm position is called ‘Garudasana’ (details here). Bring your right arm overhead as your left arm internally rotates down. Bend your elbows to touch the fingers together, or simply clasp the fabric on your shirt. Move side to side, aiding the stretch. Repeat on both sides!
  3. Modified L-Sit: Grab the arms of a sturdy chair, draw your low belly in and your shoulders down your back as you press into your hands to lift your entire body up. Try to hold for 10 counts and repeat 10x.
  4. Modified Child’s Pose: Place your hands at the edge of your desk as you walk back arms-distance. Drop your chest to stretch the upper back and shoulders.
  5. Upward Facing Dog: Place your hands at the edge of your desk as you press your hips forward and lift through the upper back. Find an arch in the spine to open the heart!

Would you try these exercises at work?! Dish below!

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