If you’re in the market for a (healthy) sweet treat, these raw chocolate truffles are a base of merely 2 ingredients and customizable to any flavor additions you like. They’re naturally sweetened from the fresh dates and contain all of the healthy benefits of cacao powder (listed in this post!). My favorite part about this recipe is probably the limitless ways to customize it – I made them two ways, with candied ginger and fresh raspberries. Green tea extract, blueberries, goji berries and marcona almonds, just to name a few, would be amazing also.

Another major plus is that these truffles actually taste like chocolate truffle. Seriously! Even if they’re made from just a couple ingredients (that don’t include butter or any dairy). The 🔑 key 🔑  is the quality of the dates – they must be soft and fresh medjool dates! Watch the LEAFtv Fit Kitchen video to see how it’s done below: 

2 cups medjool dates
3 tbsp raw cacao powder
Candied ginger (optional)
Fresh raspberries (optional)
Coconut oil


  1. Blend the dates and 2 tbsp of cacao powder until smooth
  2. Sprinkle a flat surface of remaining 1 tbsp cacao powder, then chop candied ginger and raspberries into bite-sized pieces
  3. Coat your hands in coconut oil to prevent sticking and start rolling about 1 tbsp date mix into balls, add your pairings to the center
  4. Roll the balls in cacao powder until completely coated
  5. Refrigerate for 4+ hours and ENJOY!

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